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Simmans, Sookans and Straw Backed Chairs


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A detailed introduction to Orkney's ancient straw crafts - from the humble caisie and cubbie, to the best-known example, the Orkney Chair.

By Janette A. Park.

Paperback booklet.

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"The strae backed chair today known universally as the Orkney Chair is the strongest surviving exponent of the craft of straw making. Here we try to see it as coming from a wider tradition of everyday skills, which have evolved into a modern day craft.

'Simmans, Sookans and Straw Backed Chairs' reflects a way of life, which is seen by many as no longer relevant to today's society. It was not all that long ago, and is still in living memory of many of the older generation. Some things always remain relevant through changing times."

Janette Park, the curator of social history with Orkney Heritage, outlines the many different aspects of strawcraft in the county, explaining their development, creation and use.

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