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Orkney life through the lens of James W. Sinclair - one of the most prolific Orkney photographers of the 20th century.

Compiled by Norman Sinclair and Myles Hodnett.


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This book was compiled from the remarkable collection of photographs taken by James William Sinclair - one of Orkney's most prolific photographers of the 20th century, whose career spanned over 60 years.

The book celebrates the photographic contribution he made during his lifetime and also illustrates the changes that have taken place in Orkney during the 20th century - a fascinating insight into Orkney's past.

James William Sinclair (1901-1984) is one of Orkney's most celebrated photographers and this compilation of his work will stir forgotten memories for many Orcadians. At the peak of his career the photo acknowledgment "J. W. Sinclair" was a weekly feature in the Orkney newspapers and he was probably the island' best known man at that time. He served four generations of proprietors of The Orcadian and was also a pioneer of movie films in the county.

Images In Time provides the opportunity to put together in one book a handful of photographs from the remarkable collection, now in the hands of Jimmy's son Norman. It also serves as a pictorial reminder of Orkney's past and shows how the county has changed with the passage of time.

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