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A History of Ancient Britain


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The epic story of a nation forged in ice, stone and bronze.

By Neil Oliver.


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The iron tools of the Fiskerton hoard are as evocative and moving as any bronze sword. If someone were to show you them and say they were from their grandfather's toolbox you would believe them. They are utterly and unmistakably modern - and yet they were put aside for the last time 2,500 years ago...

Men and women have peopled our island for the best part of a million years. But our ancient ancestors and their way of life have largely been a mystery to us. Who were the first Britons and what sort of world did they occupy?

Neil Oliver uses archaeological artefacts, geography and psychology to weave colour and humanity into the history of the ancient Britons. Focusing on some extraordinary finds of recent years, he turns a spotlight onto the first people to occupy these islands and their battle for survival.

It's a surprisingly intimate story,bringing to life those warriors, chieftans and farmers who called Britain 'home' thousands of years before us.

 This is the real story of Britain and of her people

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