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Drawing and Painting Birds


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Tim Wooton explains in detail how to go about drawing and painting birds.

Tim has been watching and drawing birds since childhood. He now lives in the Orkney Islands.

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By understanding their anatomy and recognizing their type, the artist can learn a shorthand way to capture movement and attitude. With technique and colour mastered, style develops and a special scene can be captured uniquely forever.

- Explains bird types and how identifying specific similarities can help the artist.

- Advises on painting in the field, using photographs and working in the studio.

- Describes how to paint plumage and birds in flight.

- Demonstrates how to compose a painting with emphasis on the birds' habitat.

- Gives insight into painting birds from 30 leading artists, as well as illustrations of their work, including John Busby, Robert Bateman and Charles Tunnicliffe.

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