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Hoy Polloy


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Historical fiction set in 1939 Orkney.

By David Barnard


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Johnny Sinclair is back home in Orkney, from his travels. He's been handpicked for an intelligence role. The Royal Navy is based in the Scapa Flow, Hoy. Johnny's 19 years old. King and Country? Johnny has other things on his mind, irresistible? Johnny just knows so.

Isobel Tulloch likes to jiggle her ring finger. Well if that isn't a green light for Johnny, what is? As a child she saw the scuttling of the German Fleet. As a child she saw the scuttling of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow. Their sailors shot in cold blood. Happened 20 years ago but these things you never forget. A looker is our Isobel.

Thomas Dreyer has lived on Hoy for three years. German. On their and our watchlist. German. Everyone likes "Our Tom'. Calls the birds of prey here, 'dive-bombing buggers' and gets his 'Skuas' and 'Stukas' in a right fankle. Orkney feels like home.

It is 1939.

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