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The Mermaid Bride and other Orkney Folk Tales


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25th Anniversary Edition of this very popular collection of Orkney folktales. With edits and additional stories.

Told by Tom Muir.

Illustrated by Bryce Wilson.

Paperback, reprinted in 2023.

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"Gathering over many years, these tales of selkies, fairies and trows, along with witchcraft and magic, are set in Tom Muir's own pleasant style. In total over sixty tales are brought together, creating a marvellous source of local lore and legend. Throughout the book the illustrations by Bryce Wilson present vivid pictures to many of the tales." Robert K Leslie.

Long ago, people sat by their fires and told tales to pass the long winter nights.

Tales of how the islands were created, of the beautiful mermaids who lured men beneath the sea, of the selkie-folk who could shed their sealskins and dance in the moonlight. Or the dangers of the trows, who lived mounds and could steal away mortals.

The Orcadian Story Trust's Tom Muir is a respected storyteller and author, founder of the website

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