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Pictish Mithraism


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The Religious Purpose of the Pictish Symbol Stones.

By Norman J. Penny.


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The Pictish Symbol Stones have intrigued people for centuries. These enigmatic structure appear mainly in the north east of Scotland, but unlike other standing stones, megaliths and the like, these stones have symbols carved into them, which may represent a whole hitherto unknown message. Norman Penny's investigation of the origins of writing, together with his study of the Mithraic statuary in the Museum of London, led him to realise that there is a previously unrecognised connection between Pictish symbols and Mithraism. This discovery of a possible link between the Roman invaders and the Mithraist god leads us on a fascinating journey with an enthusiastic guide, where the reader learns about how the symbols on these unique stones forge links with concealed temples and appear to have been used as a means of communication, bringing together two ancient cultures and an unkown, hidden religion.

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