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Shops and Vans in Westray


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Collated by Nancy Scott in 2019.

She has gathered together the memories and photos which have been in the Westray Heritage Centre since the exhibition of 2004 and added to them the changes that have taken place since then.

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'Shopkeepers were really bankers on the island, allowing customers to 'mark down' when they needed goods and the hens were not laying and then to pay off gradually as they brought in eggs. When the hens laid well the shopkeeper paid the customer!'

In 2004 the exhibition in Westray Heritage Centre was 'Shops and Vans' when information on all present and past shops in Westray was collected and displayed. Inevitably it was easier to find information on some of the shops than on others. This book is mainly the photos and information collected at that time with some updating since all three of these shops are under new ownership since then.

Even fifty years ago there were far more than three shops in Westray. Looking further back, many small houses/crofts were listed as shops.

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