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A Natural History of Lighthouses


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A history of lighthouses and the Stevenson Dynasty.

By John A. Love.

Hardback with photographs throughout.

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A history of lighthouses and the Stevenson Dynasty.

The natural history contribution of keepers in the lighthouse story.

Describes a survey of bird sightings and migration by lighthouse keepers at the end of the 19th century.

This book highlights the contribution made by lighthouse keepers over the last century or two to the study of natural history, and ornithology in particular. Much of this is discussed in the words of the keepers themselves, set in the context of lighthouse history.

Scotland has an especially rich lighthouse tradition mainly due to the dynasty of Stevenson engineers covering over a century, all of whom also had a profound understanding of weather and geology - and indeed natural history - so important in the placing of their lighthouses.

This beautiful and profusely illustrated book will be of huge appeal to ornithologists, pharologists, everyone with an interest in the natural world, maritime history and anyone who generally enjoys an informative read.


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