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Simmans, Sookans and Straw Backed Chairs


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Although the straw making traditions are mainly consigned to a bygone era of farming on small crofts, the skills are not wholly forgotten. In this book Janette Park takes you through the history of all things Simmans, Sookans and Straw.

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"Simmans, Sookans and Straw Backed Chairs" reflects a way of life, which is seen by many as no longer relevant to today's society. It was not all that long ago, and is still in the living memory of many of the older generation.

Some things always remain relevant through changing times. the close connection felt between Orcadians, the land and the seasons has always been prevalent and will continue to be so.

Methods have changed but farming still provides Orkney with a large part of its income. Tourism has developed alongside farming and is closely connected in many ways. The resourcefulness of the Orcadian in being able to adapt to changing times is another characteristic which has proven to be constant.


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