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Did you know that you can get your hearing tested easily?

And it’s absolutely free at Specsavers!

Advertorial: Our ears are amazing things – helping us to hear everything from birdsong to a glorious brass band in full swing. But hearing can often be taken for granted and many of us don’t realise that over time our hearing can deteriorate, so things don’t sound as sharp and clear as they used to.

Hearing loss is surprisingly common, with current estimates suggesting that it affects around 1 in 6 in the UK*. Of course, the loss usually happens quite gradually and a lot of the time you don’t notice it yourself. Often it is friends or family who realise you might be having issues before you yourself become aware of it

So what are the tell-tale signs that we should look out for? The usual ones are things like having the TV turned up so loud that others find it uncomfortable and keep asking you to turn it down, or you having to ask people to repeat themselves frequently and thinking that people are mumbling a lot, particularly in noisy pubs or restaurants.

Specsavers recommend that anyone over the age of 55 should have regular hearing checks. It is really easy and completely free from Specsavers Audiologists. You can even do it at home in the first instance using the Specsavers free hearing check app or on-line hearing test. If it turns out after your in-store hearing test that you have some hearing loss Specsavers will be able to help and advise you.

There’s often a misconception around the size of hearing aids but the reality is that they come in a whole range of fitting styles that can be very small and discreet. It’s incredible actually, considering the level of technology and features packed into such tiny devices. Specsavers Audiologists have all the latest hearing aids including ones that are rechargeable, made from titanium and essentially invisible to others. They can even be controlled through a smartphone.

To find out more or to book a free hearing test, call 0800 023 2920 or visit specsavers.co.uk/hearing


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