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HMS Vanguard remembered

Today, 40 relatives of those lost on HMS Vanguard commemorated the lives lost when the battleship tragically sank on July 9, 1917. Commemorative wreaths were laid at the site where the ship is wrecked, in Scapa Flow, and at Lyness cemetery in Hoy.

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Views Wanted — OIC launch survey on Orkney’s paths

Folk in Orkney are being asked to provide feedback on the county’s core paths network. As is the case with all local authorities in Scotland, Orkney Islands Council have a duty to draw up a plan of the key paths in their area, after consulting with local communities, land managers and path users. Feedback is […]

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Orkney commemorates HMS Vanguard

Members of the Royal Marine marching band, along with servicemen and women from the Royal Navy, and descendents of those who lost their lives, have been involved in this weekend’s centenary commemorations. This weekend sees Orkney commemorate a maritime tragedy, which occurred on its shores during WW1. On the night of July 9, 1917, HMS […]

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