Divers confirm German torpedo found in Scapa Flow


Royal Navy divers have examined the object found during a routine seabed survey in Scapa Flow and confirmed that it is a torpedo.

Lying in around 32 metres of water, it was first spotted during a sonar survey carried out by SULA Diving on behalf of Orkney Islands Council Marine Services. Video footage was then captured using an ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle).

A Royal Navy Explosives Ordnance Team on a visit to Orkney have viewed and discussed the video footage with the Orkney Harbour Authority. The Navy divers then examined the torpedo on the seabed during a diving operation yesterday afternoon.

Brian Archibald, the council’s Harbour Master and Head of Marine Services, said: “This has confirmed that it is a torpedo and that it is German in origin.

“We have held further discussions on what action should be taken next, with plans now to be drawn up for its safe disposal. Meanwhile, there is no risk to vessels in Scapa Flow.”

Following discussion with the Royal Navy team, the no-anchorage area already in place around the area where the torpedo was found has been reduced to 500 metre radius and, for obvious reasons, diving is also prohibited. Details of the zone can be found on the Orkney Harbours website.

Full details on the discovery can be found in The Orcadian, out on Thursday.