Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ocean current data now online

Live information about the speed and direction of undersea currents between Orkney and Shetland has been made available for the first time.

Using high frequency radar technologies Marine Scotland’s Brahan project is providing ocean current information from a wide section of Scotland’s large marine area – up to 200km offshore.

The results which are not currently available from existing methods will help not only scientific research, but also with search and rescue, pollution control, offshore oil and gas sector, the renewable energy sector and by other users of the sea such as the fishing and shipping industries, as well as please craft owners such as yachts.

The Long Range SeaSonde HF Radar System has been manufactured by CODAR Ocean Sensors of California and installed at two stations – one at North Ronaldsay lighthouse and the other at Sumburgh Head lighthouse.

The stream of ocean current data is publicly available. To find out more about the Project visit .