Comedian’s return to ‘beautiful Orkney’

Comedian Bill Bailey is back in Orkney this weekend — and said he aims to explore as much of the county as possible during his  visit!

Trialling brand new material, the musical funnyman will offer Orkney comedy fans yet another opportunity to sample fresh, original musings. Speaking to The Orcadian, earlier this month, the Spaced and Black Books star said he is hoping that his new work in progress, Qualmpeddler, will get a good reception in Orkney.

“There’s a thrill about trying out new stuff in front of a smaller crowd, and, if you can try something out in a place as beautiful as Orkney is, it is a massive privilege,” he said.

He added: “I have the most vivid of memories from my last visit of standing on a beach looking out over Scapa Flow.

There was not a dot of wind, the sky was calm and the water was a beautiful turquoise colour and I just wished I could have had longer there.”

The show is in the Pickaquoy Centre’s Arena tonight, Saturday.